Born in Saint John, New Brunswick, Wayne is a second generation photographer. His first camera, a Kodak Brownie was a gift from his parents. Inheriting his father’s inquisitive nature, Wayne often spent time with his father both behind the shutter and in the dark room.

Over 25 years ago, Wayne became an enthusiastic bird watcher when he saw his first Roseate Spoonbill while vacationing in Florida. He was hooked and from that moment he always packed his binoculars and field guide when he traveled.

Once retired, Wayne combined his interest in photography with his love of ornithology. During the past three years, he has captured images of over 300 birds with a Canon EOS 50D SLR and a 100-400 mm lens.

Wayne is a member of the Ontario Field Ornithologists, Nature New Brunswick, and the Saint John Naturalist Club. He divides his time between Toronto and Long Reach, New Brunswick